Digital imagined differently

Digital imagined differently


Your works deserves the spotlights

Recognise this: Busy with your project, your business plan, and suddenly you realise your product doesn’t get the attention it needs? Even the best innovation doesn’t sell itself.

Your start-up project deserves the spotlights. Your service, your product and you business. Coming from research and industry, we understand your dilema, but also why your story is important to tell. 

We can help you to build or expand your business, by creating the digital channels that fit your strategy.


We help you discover what digital channels are valuebal to your goals.


We design and develop your website, campaigns and more.


Together with a team of creators, we develop and maintain your content


We have already realised a digital presence for several companies. Listening, thinking, advising and realising a website as part of a digital strategy.

Solliance is a collaboration between different universities, companies and research institutes. The site is initially designed and developed by Rethinking Group…
Housing Heroes is a company linking real estate developers, building companies and end customers together. Housing Heroes provides a service where…


We help tech start-ups and scale -ups with the first steps into the digital marketing reality, getting your digital presence started and up to steam. 

What’s the problem: consumed by the multitude of tasks involved, it is too often assumed that digital presence is a simple website or a LinkedIn account. This misses out on potential opportunities to reach new customers or interested parties. 

We help you to expand your digital presence. By listening carefully and asking questions, we help you set up a digital strategy. And we don’t stop at ‘a website’. We will set-up you presence on different social media, specified to your taget audience. We will optimise your presence, pais and organic, so you will be found and you won’t be missed by potential high quality audience.


So, why us? Because I have a background in tech and research. I’ve been there and understand you. Coming from the R&D world myself, I know that it’s super important to tell your story, but I also know it is not at the top of your list. And that’s a shame, because your technology or product is worth it. And that’s the point where I come to help you 🙂

We are all about creative thinking to drive business results with digital channels. We work in the Netherlands, mainly in the Brainport region (Eindhoven – Tilburg).

Niels van Loon

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Meet us

We are all about creative thinking to drive business results with digital channels. We work in the Netherlands, mainly in the Brainport region (Eindhoven – Tilburg).

Drop us a line and we’ll have a nice cup of coffee together. Let’s discuss the creative possibilities we have you to offer.

Work in progress

Please notice: this website is still under development. e.g. my portfolios are not up to date yet. Still curious? Feel free to look around and let me know what your think!